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Feeding Humanity Sustainably Movement Launch

This international event was part of the run-up to the Food Systems Summit, which will be held by the United Nations (UN) in September 2021. To enrich the discussions at the summit, the UN invited governments and civil society organizations to discuss methods to ensure sustainable, equitable, and safe food for all of humanity.

Annual General Meeting of the Coalition and Exciting Conferences

On February 8, the Ag & Food Exception Coalition held its Annual General Meeting. During this event, it reported on its latest activities for 2021, including the provincial launch of the Feeding Humanity Sustainably Movement. It also announced it was changing its name to the Coalition for Feeding Humanity Sustainably; the main reason for this change was to effectively represent the Quebec branch of the Feeding Humanity Sustainably Movement, which it inaugurated.

The Feeding Humanity Sustainably Movement

Since the dawn of time, modes of producing and eating food have arisen in all societies in accordance with their environment and culture.

The world’s nations have also invariably understood the value of trading the best they have to offer with other nations, including their agricultural products and food customs.

But in the last few decades, the international legal framework has seen a growing imbalance between the provisions governing free international trade and those created to protect biodiversity, safeguard the environment, and sustain agricultural resources and cultural diversity.

The challenge before us is to restore balance to this international legal framework in order to increase food autonomy and food security in all countries, as well as to relieve pressure on natural resources such as soil and water, all while maintaining the benefits of globalization and commerce.

For all the above reasons, our coalition advocates for the adoption of an international legal instrument that is equivalent to the WTO agreements in both scope and influence. This is the aim of our movement.

The Coalition

Created in 2008, the Feeding Humanity Sustainably Coalition defends the idea that food and agri-food products cannot be treated like other industrial goods, and that the countries of the world must be able to determine their level of food autonomy without the risk of reprisal. We use representation, strategic monitoring of studies and other information, and media communications to accomplish our mission and future strategic targets. We use representation, strategic monitoring of studies and other information, and media communications to accomplish our mission and future strategic targets.

At the heart of our actions

In recent years, the Coalition has made advancing this idea our primary mission, specifically through the creation of an international legal instrument, which was proposed by the Legal Research Chair in Food Diversity and Security at Laval University. Currently, our advocacy takes the form of the Feeding Humanity Sustainably movement, a large-scale effort which requires support from as many organizations and personalities as possible to advance our aims nationally and internationally.

Coalition Board of Directors

Marcel Groleau

President of UPA Développement international and Co-President of the Coalition

Gérald Larose

Groupe d’économie solidaire du Québec and Caisse d’économie solidaire and Vice-President of the Coalition

Hugo Beauregard-Langelier

Secretary-General of UPA Développement international

Anne Dionne

Second Vice-President of the Centrale des syndicats du Québec

Alexandre Boileau Laviolette

President of the Trade Federation of the Confederation of National Trade Unions

Pierre Alexandre Blouin

CEO of the Association des détaillants en alimentation du Québec

Marie Beaudry

Executive Director of Aliments du Québec

Simone Fournier

Secrétaire au Conseil national de Développement et Paix ‒ Caritas Canada

Sylvain Lapierre

Second Vice-President of the Fédération des producteurs d’œufs du Québec

Jean-Pierre Denis

Chair of the Board of Directors of the Fondation Monique-Fitz-Back for sustainable development education


The Coalition brings together some 60 member organizations with a combined membership of no less than 7,958,000.

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